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All of us are natural storytellers, and building a good storytelling toolkit will make you dramatically better at your job. Because any story told right is interesting. And a good story becomes the strategy. That’s the level of inspiration and leadership I want to help you achieve.

A little bit about me.

I’m a long-time Googler and currently the Head of Marketing Communications for Google EMEA, having moved to London from Silicon Valley with my family in 2018. At Google, I’ve been a narrative-builder and storytelling expert for Google’s senior executives on our biggest stages - like the Day One I/O Keynote and our annual Hardware Product Launch Event. I’m good at developing insights, connecting the dots and communicating complex ideas in clear, simple ways.

My background is in foreign affairs (BS, Foreign Service from Georgetown University and MSc, International Political Economy from the London School of Economics) I began my career as an international trade policy advisor and speechwriter.

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